Stampa hosts healthcare investment roundtable

On 9 December 2010, Stampa and public affairs partner SSDV brought together leading healthcare professionals, investors and politicians to lead discussion about the financial future of the Dutch healthcare system.

The new Dutch cabinet faces complex challenges in healthcare. Increasing demands on the system contrast sharply with limited budgets, leading to calls for reform. This includes opening the way for the introduction of private capital, but how will this work? The coalition agreement sets out a clear direction, but the practical details of how this can be achieved still need to be filled in.

Stampa and SSDV gathered together over 20 thought leaders from the government and private finance to help answer some of the many questions facing the sector. These included keynote speaker VĂ©ronique Esman, Director Market and Consumer at the Ministry of Health The Netherlands (Ministerie VWS). To hear more about this fast-developing issue, please contact or contact Marina Millington-Ward in the Amsterdam office at +31 20 4042630.

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