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Media training for corporate professionals

In today’s fast-paced digital age, effective communication is essential for individuals and organisations alike. Media training has emerged as a crucial skill to navigate the complex, ever-evolving media landscape. Whether you’re a public figure, a corporate spokesperson, a government official, or simply someone looking to enhance your communication skills, media training courses offer a valuable set of tools and techniques to engage effectively with the media and the public.

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Our complete training offering

Media training

Be fully prepared before you engage with the media. Learn how to handle difficult questions, understand journalists’ interview tactics, and get your message across. As former journalists, we guide you through the maze.

Writing training

Clear, concise, and persuasive writing is an essential skill for every corporate communicator. Whether you want to brush up on basic skills, or take your writing to the next level, our professional writers can help you.

Presentation training

A speech or presentation can be a huge opportunity to tell your story – so make it count. We can help you craft the perfect words for the occasion, and sharpen your presentation skills for maximum impact.

Stampa has been providing expert media training courses in Amsterdam, London and Brussels since we launched in 2008.

With years of experience in corporate communications, PR consultancy and journalism, Stampa’s consultants can train you to prepare for media interviews and to enhance the power of your writing and presentations. Our media training courses can be tailored to your needs, for small and large groups.

Media training is an indispensable skill in the modern communication landscape. Our training courses equip individuals with the tools to communicate effectively, manage public perception, and enhance credibility.

It offers a valuable skill set to help you navigate the complexities of media interactions, ensuring your message is heard and understood in an increasingly noisy and competitive world of communication.

In an era where information is shared at lightning speed, media training is a powerful asset for anyone looking to make a positive impact through their words and actions.

How we work

We offer in-person media training workshops in Amsterdam, London and Brussels, or remotely if you prefer.

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