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The goal

Subway commissioned Stampa to support its internal People & Culture strategy, what they call The Human Ingredient. The aim was to win the hearts and minds of Franchisees and Store teams, giving a voice to peoples’ stories and creating brand love that create a strong community and allows Subway’s stakeholders to live and breathe the Subway values.

The set of targets included:

  • Creating a consistent tone of voice
  • Improving Franchisee’s sense of belonging to the Subway family and build brand love
  • Developing a better sense of shared community, identity and values
  • Showcase people stories, showcasing inspiring success and ‘local heroes’
  • Building pride to help inspire and motivate Franchisee and Store teams
  • Deepening brand interest and engagement.

The result

In close collaboration with the team at Subway, Stampa produces a quarterly, EMEA-wide newsletter, featuring relevant and engaging content. There are six people-focused stories per newsletter – each with an accompanying senior interview – which Stampa drafts and then edits based on feedback. Topics covered include marketing and sustainability news, people stories, operational improvements, and business transformation.

As for the design, our Stampa Studio created a template suited to Subway’s look and feel that can be easily modified for each edition. This included the design of three icons that give a visual identity to Subway EMEA’s strategic pillars.

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