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Wolters Kluwer UpToDate
UK PR for Healthcare Technology
Our role
In March 2016, Stampa was hired by UpToDate, a US-based healthcare technology firm owned by the global information services group, Wolters Kluwer. UpToDate is the world’s leading decision-support technology, used by over 1.1 million clinicians around the world. The company is growing UpToDate’s usage in the UK, and hired Stampa’s London team to help grow its profile and UK user base. Targeting mainstream and specialist health media, Stampa aims to reach doctors, practice managers and hospital CIOs who may invest in UpToDate at UK health institutions.
Within a month of being appointed, Stampa had secured coverage for UpToDate in the Financial Times’ influential Digital Healthcare report. Further coverage and by-lined articles have been sold into leading healthcare trade media, including Prescriber and Clinical Services Journal, helping to communicate the clinical and economic advantages of using UpToDate at the point of care. A key success has been Stampa’s ability to see the most engaging storylines that bring the technology to life, linking it to human stories, patient outcomes and real savings for the NHS.

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