‘If there isn’t a war on, the economy is the only story’

The trade magazine C of Logeion, the Dutch professional association for communication professionals, interviewed our director Marina Millington-Ward for its cover story.

Stampa is seeking a Junior PR Executive and a Senior Account Director

We’re looking for two talented new team members to join us in Amsterdam. With a strong team working from offices in Amsterdam, London and Brussels, we offer a dynamic, creative and international work environment. Senior

Inside view: what’s it really like to work at Stampa?

Harry shares his perspective as a newcomer to the industry, what day-to-day PR work looks like.

Thinking like a journalist can help us all communicate better

Reporters use the so-called five Ws and one H to make sure they capture all essential elements in their stories.

CDP turns annual awards into TV show

We’re proud to be one of CDP’s PR agency partners in Europe, supporting it in the Benelux.

Green energy: talking about a revolution

The world of green energy is compelling and exciting. We tell the stories of how the energy transition plays out.

Corona crisis brings internal comms to the fore

Internal comms is more important than ever, keeping lines of communication open and making sure employees stay connected.

Tennet 2019 annual report wins Sijthoff prize

The 2019 integrated annual report of leading European grid operator TenneT has won the prestigious FD Henri Sijthoff prize for outstanding financial reporting. It was the third Sijthoff nomination for the company in recent years.

Five ways to avoid ‘death by PowerPoint’

It’s not PowerPoint that makes for a poor presentation – it’s how we choose to use it.

Lights, camera …audio? How not to spoil a good video with bad sound

To hear top tips on how to get the best sound for your home-made video, we spoke to leading sound engineer, Joost de Glopper.

Home-made videos for home-bound leaders

As we grow used to Zoom calls and virtual meetings, home-made video is an obvious way to communicate.

Stampa marks 10th anniversary with ‘golden’ move to historic Herengracht

To celebrate our 10th birthday, and to comfortably accommodate our expanding team, Stampa Amsterdam moved today to Herengracht 466.

KPN and TenneT 2017 annual reports shortlisted for Sijthoff prize

The 2017 annual reports of KPN and TenneT, with writing and editing provided by Stampa, have been shortlisted for the prestigious FD Henri Sijthoff prize.

Joe Lees (GSK): 200 stories, 200 contributors, 1 company-wide newsletter – every 2 weeks

Pharmaceuticals giant GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) has consolidated all its newsletters into one targeted and tailored email, sent to staff worldwide twice a month.

Lynn Robbroeckx (Luxembourg for Finance): Making the unknown known

Belgian-born Lynn Robbroeckx works for Luxembourg for Finance (LFF), where she manages communications for the Luxembourg financial centre.

Frans Middendorff (ING): From curious correspondent to corporate content chief

In our ‘Expert Talk’ series, Frans Middendorff explains how ING’s corporate communications department is helping to make ING a brand people love.

Viviane Huybrecht (KBC): Fighting fake news with blockchain tool

For the first interview in our new Stampa series, we sat down with Viviane Huybrecht, General Manager Corporate Communications at KBC Group.

KPN integrated annual report 2016 wins European Excellence Award

KPN’s annual report 2016, for which Stampa provided writing and editing, won a European Excellence Award.

Too many ‘alsos’ turn annual reports into shopping lists

The word ‘also’ has a habit of getting hugely over-used in annual reports.

Lying about honest chocolate

Fake news as publicity stunt? Sad!

By issuing a hoax press release, Dutch chocolate maker Tony’s Chocolonely won no friends in the media, and did nothing for the reputation of business, or of PR. Instead, they added to that fast-growing global problem: fake news.

Six reasons why you need a corporate newsroom

Thinking and acting like a media organisation is a growing trend among larger companies, giving rise to a new breed of corporate newsrooms.

Stampa is seeking a communications professional

Corporate communications and content agency Stampa is looking for a talented new team member to support the further growth of our business in Belgium.

Stampa’s Heleen de Graaf in Intermediair: “Success in PR is putting your client in the spotlight”

As newspapers and magazines are struggling, many journalists are moving into PR. Is that a logical career switch or is it a shift to ‘the dark side’?

Email Embarks on New Era of Employee Engagement

With so much information competing for your employees’ attention, how do you cut through the inbox clutter with emails they actually want to read?

Five differences between content marketing and public relations (and one important similarity)

Some people think of content marketing as the hip and trendy cousin of public relations, but there are important differences between the two. And there’s also one key similarity to consider.

Stampa to present webinar on corporate newsrooms in January

Stampa directors James Curtis and Abigail Levene will discuss the why, what and how of ‘corporate newsrooms’ in a live webinar with Newsweaver on 25 January 2017.

Beware the photo shoot

If you’re being interviewed on camera for broadcast, always turn and look to see what’s behind you, in case the backdrop is inappropriate.

Brexit: journalists have taken over the asylum

Over the past few days, relentlessly deceitful anti-EU media helped persuade Britons to shoot themselves in both feet.

Stampa expands Brussels team

Our Brussels team has grown with the appointment of content marketing and online expert Pieter Segaert as senior account manager.

Fear, facts & fiction in the EU war of words

As a fan of all things European and a co-founder of Stampa, I must declare myself as a passionate ‘remain’ voter. However, I fear we are losing the communications battle.

All the world’s a live blog

Whether you have good news to share, or bad news you’d rather muffle, the world is a live blog that is racing to spread the word. Their deadline is now.

The newspaper is dead. Long live the newspaper!

A world where old established rules are changing, with media consumed à la carte rather than served as a set menu, demands careful thinking – or rethinking – about the most appropriate manner to tell your story.

“Leave your ego at the door” – James Curtis goes 60 seconds with Gorkana

Stampa director James Curtis was interviewed by media intelligence service Gorkana in ’60 seconds with…’, on journalists crossing to public relations.

We are all plagiarists now

Dutch daily De Volkskrant yesterday joined the ranks of the New York Times with the revelation that one of its employees had committed serial plagiary.

Is technology the enemy of communication?

The way new technologies could be affecting humans and changing the way people think and feel is an issue as important and unprecedented as climate change.

Clear as mud

Thankfully, there’s a trend towards clearer wording, as the realisation dawns that simple, straightforward writing makes for clear, compelling reading.

Stampa Belgium moves to central Brussels

Our Belgian office has moved to great new premises in the centre of Brussels. We’re located on the elegant Boulevard Adolphe Max, close to vibrant Brouckère square.

Stampa expands London PR team with Lizzie Hannaway

We have boosted our UK PR team with the appointment of Lizzie Hannaway as account director. Lizzie brings more than eight years’ experience in corporate, financial and professional services public relations roles.

Press releases by committee? The end result is seldom pretty

Your target readers are sick of dry-as-dust, formulaic press releases that bludgeon them senseless with the usual ragbag of corporate speak and the seemingly compulsory CEO quote starting “I’m excited” or “I’m delighted”.

Stampa expands media analysis team

We’ve added another member to our media analysis team: Carla Koelemij, who is now working from Stampa’s office in Amsterdam as a media analyst.

Heleen de Graaf becomes director at Stampa

Stampa has promoted Heleen de Graaf to the role of director. Heleen has been a key member of Stampa’s Amsterdam PR team since she joined the agency in 2011.

Stampa opens office in Belgium

Stampa has opened an office in Belgium, fulfilling the growing demand for corporate and financial communications on the Belgian market and clients’ desire to entrust their Benelux communications to a single agency.

Interrobangs?! and exclamation inflation!

Exclamation inflation – as well as Random Capitalisation – has infected the corporate world too. You can’t open an e-mail without being told you’re reading exciting news!

Delta Lloyd annual report shortlisted again for Sijthoff prize

The 2013 annual report of insurer Delta Lloyd, written by Stampa, has been shortlisted for the FD Henri Sijthoff prize for outstanding financial reporting.

How to write a better annual report

Based on the insights of Erik van der Merwe, we’ve compiled 10 tips on how you can turn your annual report into a clear, company calling card.

“Twenty pages on remuneration? That makes me sick”

Comparing a 60-page report from 1973 with a recent 400-page tome, annual reports have become illegible and primarily serve internal control purposes.

Forget sushi in Tokyo

In today’s online world, information is gathered over the phone, email and Google. Today’s young reporter travels no further than the coffee machine.

Annual reports: yearly headache or company calling card?

How do you produce a vibrant and compelling annual report? These are just some of the questions we hope to answer at a special event Stampa is hosting.

Putting words into someone else’s mouth

There you are, sitting at your desk, engrossed in updating your social media profile, when your CEO walks up to you and asks you to write him – or her – a speech.

A graduate’s guide to starting in PR

PR professionals wear many different caps. Some clients need to protect their reputations, others have to create them. Some clients need to be reactive, some proactive.

PR should rise above the right to be forgotten

Never say anything that you wouldn’t want to be quoted on. Don’t wait for a potentially damaging quote to appear in print and then try to have it struck from the record.

Deliberately damning or lost in translation?

There’s no such thing as bad publicity. But is it really immaterial what others say about you? Or the words you actually use?

No such thing as ‘off the record’

Journalists can genuinely mistake what’s being said on the record and what’s not. And why share confidential information with someone whose job is to sell news?

Stampa team makes strides in Zuidas run

Stampa made its biggest showing yet in Amsterdam’s Zuidasrun 2014, racing against more than 3,000 bankers, lawyers and consultants in what’s known as the Dutch business run.

Is it me who’s clever or you who’s stupid?

“It is not Mr. Van Gaal who has trouble speaking English, it is you, for not going along with his obviously much better interpretation of it”.

Unleash your inner Orwell

George Orwell’s ‘rules’ for effective writing for clear and honest writing remains as relevant today, not least for contemporary corporate writing.

No, you’re not Barack Obama

You have zero control over what a journalist writes, but you have 100% control over what you say. Even if you know you’ll get the quotes for review, pretend to yourself you won’t.

Don’t cock a snook at the non-natives

Identify your audience. Put yourself in their shoes. Know who they are, what they know, what they don’t know and what they need (and don’t need) to know.

Six-and-a-half reasons you won’t want to read this

It’s true these bite-size chunks are often easy to digest. But here are 6½ reasons why you should consider choosing another format or headline.

New recruits for Stampa’s Dutch PR and media analysis teams

Joining our Amsterdam office are Linda Huijsmans, a new account director on our public relations team, and media analyst Johann Migchels.

Wolters Kluwer selects Stampa for PR services in Netherlands and UK

We’ve been appointed by the global information services company to provide ongoing media relations consultancy and execution support in the Netherlands and the UK.

Delta Lloyd 2012 annual report shortlisted for Sijthoff prize

The Sijthoff prize is the highest recognition of financial reporting excellence in the Netherlands. It is awarded by Het Financieele Dagblad.

Stampa appoints Sara Loschacoff to head media analysis team

With more than a decade of experience, Sara’s insightful monitoring and analysis of media reports are crucial ingredients for all Stampa’s PR accounts.

Delta Lloyd appoints Stampa to write 2012 annual report

Stampa’s Anglo-Dutch team of experienced former financial journalists will produce the annual report in English, as well as creating a Dutch summary.

Stampa to write Vopak Annual Report 2012

Vopak’s Annual Report 2012 will be written in English, making Stampa’s Anglo-Dutch team of highly experienced former business journalists a natural choice.

Stampa boosts London PR team with Stacy Hyde and Tania Wild

Tania Wild and Stacy Hyde join as Account Directors, each bringing extensive experience of working in corporate, financial and consumer public relations.

Renewable energy specialist Tocardo appoints Stampa for international public relations

TOCARDO is dedicated to delivering the best and most economical turbines to harvest energy from the world’s oceans and rivers.

Stampa appoints NRC Handelsblad journalist Heleen de Graaf

Dutch-born Heleen, 42, will strengthen Stampa’s PR team in Amsterdam, as well as contributing to our copywriting and editing work.

Stampa appointed by Design Centre Chelsea Harbour

Design Centre Chelsea Harbour houses some of the most exclusive brands in interiors, and has become a trend-setting destination for the international design industry.

KPN Sustainability Report Scoops Top Transparency Prize

Stampa helped draft the report’s content and developed its key messages, working in close cooperation with KPN’s Corporate Communications department, CSR data verification specialist DHV, CSR auditor KPMG and designers.

Stampa appoints Gerrie Spaansen as Director

Gerrie has been a key member of Stampa’s Amsterdam financial PR team since 2007, advising clients including PIMCO, Teslin and Teleplan.

Stampa appointed by Kitcatt Nohr for UK PR

The twice winner of Marketing’s Agency of the Year has briefed Stampa to highlight the thought leadership that characterises its work.

Stampa hosts healthcare investment roundtable

Stampa and SSDV gathered together over 20 thought leaders from the government and private finance to help answer some of the many questions facing the sector.

Marieke Sepers joins Stampa media monitoring unit

Supporting our successful financial PR team, Marieke becomes the 12th team member of our fast-growing agency, based in Amsterdam and London.

Stampa appointed as a communications partner for GRI conference

The 2010 Amsterdam Global Conference on Sustainability and Transparency is the world’s largest sustainability reporting conference, taking place 26-28 May.

Stampa helps KPN bring its CSR reporting to A+ level

Stampa has helped telecommunications service provider KPN redesign its approach to Corporate Social Responsibility, working with the company to set ambitious goals for its CSR reporting

Stampa Shortlisted for European Excellence Award

The European Excellence Awards, which honour outstanding achievement in the communications profession on an international scale, will be presented on 10 December.

Stampa co-founds international sustainability network

Stampa is one of four agencies to create the network, along with Ethicity of France, Portfolio Communications of the UK, and Messagepool of Germany.

Teleplan appoints Stampa as PR adviser in the Netherlands

Stampa’s Amsterdam-based PR team will use its expertise and extensive contacts to connect Teleplan with leading Dutch financial and business media.

Stampa boosts Amsterdam PR team

Eveline Schijf’s impressive background in law and consultancy is a boost for Stampa’s pan-European corporate communications practice.

Sports Revolution appoints Stampa for UK PR

Sports Revolution has media partnerships with 72 football clubs across all the leagues, including 19 in the English Premier League.

Stampa supports Libersy with European PR

Libersy’s booking technology is making waves in e-business as it allows service industry SMEs to accept online reservations and payments.