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Our media intelligence experts monitor news and social media channels, analyse the coverage and report on trends that matter to your organisation. More than just following the conversation, we put it into context and deliver meaningful insights that drive your communication and business strategies.

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In today’s 24/7 news environment we’re overloaded with information. It can be difficult and time-consuming to keep track of everything that’s said about your brand and industry. That’s where our expert media analysts can help.

Stay informed

Whether it’s knowing what others are saying about your organisation, how much coverage your press releases get, or what the latest trends and industry developments are, our media monitoring service keeps you in touch and informed.

Get insights

We put great value on helping you make sense of the chatter. Our informed analysis gives it context. We monitor the various media channels as well as the political agenda and research specific subjects that don’t appear in the media.

Why Stampa?

Tailor-made  Tailor-made

Service to fit your company’s needs

Comprehensive Comprehensive

Real-time monitoring

Insightful Insightful

Thorough and detailed analysis

Multilingual Multilingual

Available in English and Dutch 

Comprehensive media intelligence

Custom-made service Custom-made service
Custom-made service

We understand that no two companies are the same. All our clients can rely on a custom-made media monitoring service that is perfectly tailored to fit your needs. We work in close cooperation with your organisation to develop an approach based on the information that is important to you.

Full media spectrum Full media spectrum
Full media spectrum

Our team of media analysts use a set of tools and databases that monitor news and information across the entire spectrum of print, online, social and electronic news feeds. Whether you are looking for information in regional newspapers, sector-specific publications or Twitter feeds, we help you find it.

Fast and relevant Fast and relevant
Fast and relevant

Sifting through the epic amount of content that is available today for the right information at the right time can be difficult. Our experienced analysts handpick the channels they monitor to ensure all coverage is relevant to your business. We don’t overload you with information you don’t need, we find what matters – and we do it fast, all day, every day. You choose whether we deliver daily, weekly or monthly reports.  

High-level insights High-level insights
High-level insights

However complex the subject or business, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer high-level analysis and insights. We have a profound knowledge and understanding of your business and market, allowing us to quickly pick up on new situations and offer context to developments. We don’t let pre-set frameworks limit us and act proactively.

Tailored formats Tailored formats
Tailored formats

As part of our tailor-made approach we develop a reporting format that fits with your taste, preferences or existing formats. Whether you’re looking for top-line email reports, extensive data analysis or newspaper cuttings, we adapt our reports to your organisation’s needs.

Flexible monitoring Flexible monitoring
Flexible monitoring

We understand there are times when your company might require increased attention. In a crisis or when there is a business-crucial event or organisational change. Our media analysts go the extra mile to offer additional support.

Extensive database Extensive database
Extensive database

We manage an extensive database that allows you to measure the impact of your organisation’s media strategy over prolonged periods of time. Our media analysts offer detailed media intelligence to gain insights into important trends, developments or competitor comparisons.

Multilingual reports Multilingual reports
Multilingual reports

Our media monitoring services are available in Dutch or English. Our highly-experienced Anglo-Dutch team monitors the media and prepares reports in the language of your choice.

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